Sunday, 25 May 2014

Three Things Writers Needs To Know About...

1) Don't just talk about it, do it.
2) When it gets hard, keep going!
3) You don't need a huge block of time. Three ten minute sessions = 30 minutes. Six = 1 hour.

1) Make it interesting.
2) Don't summarize the entire book.
3) Keep it short.

1) Brand.
2) Brand.
3) Brand.

1) …is not related to the time it took to write the book.
2) Hire an editor or at least a proofreader.
3) …is NOT related to the time it took to write the book!

1) Prefer to have everything about your books (number in series, which series they are in) clearly spelled out.
2) Will email you. Be polite.
3) May annoy you. Be polite.

1) Everyone can have different opinions about your book.
2) Got a one star? Forget about it. Move on and write the next book.
3) Got a five star? Forget about it. Move on and write the next book.

1) Some sell better than others.
2) Writing in a genre that sells is not selling-out.
3) Every book you write should bear your stamp of quality, whether it is a Shifter Romance or Zombie Horror.

1) Be individual while still giving genre readers what they expect.
2) Don't copy anyone else. What worked for them probably won't work for you.
3) Be yourself.

1) You can't control sales but your quality, blurb and cover will affect sales.
2) Your sales do not reflect your worth as a writer. They may reflect the worth of your quality, blurb and cover.
3) Genre also affects sales. Don't expect your book categorized in Romance>Pearl Diving>Pacific Ocean>Ghosts to be a bestseller. Or maybe it will. I want a share of the royalties, remember?


  1. These are really good points that we as writers should always keep in mind. Still looking for those 1000 sales a month - lol; I'll even take 500 a month (considering I have at least 7 books on kindle, that would be less than 100 of each a month selling). I want to see my dashboard spike like yours did last week. E :)

    Elysabeth Eldering
    FINALLY HOME, (a Kelly Watson, YA, paranormal mystery)

  2. You never know Elysabeth, it could happen out of the blue. :)