Thursday, 24 April 2014

Some News…All of it Good!

So, while I was at the London Book Fair a couple of weeks ago, a friend asked me when I was going to update my blog. Yes, I know the posts aren't coming thick and furious but I've been so busy writing.

I hope you guys still find something of value here, even if the posts are infrequent.

Anyway, here are a couple of "news items" from Tattooed Writer:

Ten Things I Learned at The London Book Fair

1) A lot of people interested in self-publishing know absolutely nothing about it. 

2) Bella Andre created a pen name one night, looked for an underserved niche and wrote to it. She created strongly-branded covers and sold 25,000 books in 30 days. (as an unknown author)

3) Bella Andre and Barbara Freethy make all of their own covers.

4) Hugh Howey is a genuinely nice guy. 

5) A lot of people are still in the 'anti ebook' camp. They look at ebooks with disdain. However, since we were at a Book Fair where most of the booths were run by traditional publishers, that was probably to be expected.

6) Somebody asked Bella, "Is there any money in ebooks? How much do you make?" She replied (after the laughter died down), "The amount of money Barbara and I make a year isn't seven figures, it's eight."

7) Kobo offer some good services to authors they support. (such as foreign translation assistance)

8 ) Bella recommends writing in genres where publishers aren't over-saturating the market. 

9) Author Anthony Horowitz thinks Amazon is "evil"

10) Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Earl's Court is really small but makes nice food.

Yes, I met Hugh Howey. He's a really nice guy and I found out he's a fellow fan of John D. Macdonald's "Travis McGee" series. (Hugh has also been on a Busted Flush they made for a movie…I'm jealous).

Bella Andre and Barbara Freethy rock! They gave a great talk about branding and marketing. They are very savvy.

I also got a chance to go to The British Museum and see the first ever Urban Fantasy cover…

I'll probably be going to the London Book Fair again next year. It was good fun. 

Next on the news…

Amazon's New KDP Report

Now this is good. Amazon have put a new report on the KDP dashboard. It shows a rolling 90-day graph of sales and royalties. It lets you filter the data by marketplace (US, UK, DE, etc.) and by any dates you want within the past 90 days.

No more using a calculator and scraps of paper to try and work out daily sales from the "Month to Date Unit Sales" report. Now you can see each day's sales at a glance. Hover your mouse over the dot for any day and the daily sales are shown. Pretty cool.

Also, the report makes sales dips and spikes easy to see because it's a graph.

This would be useful if you had some kind of marketing campaign going on. You could see the effect of your marketing in a visual, graph-y manner. Again, pretty cool.

So playing around with this new dashboard is going to be great. 

So there you go, a rare blog update. :P 

People are still coming here so I haven't lost all of you yet. Stick around and there may be more news in a week or two. :)

Until then, have fun and may your sales be plentiful.


  1. I check back here way too often, haha. Glad to hear you had a good time. Interesting stuff you had to share.

    And that new KDP dashboard is an enormous time-sink for me, lol. I find myself fretting about my sales (or lack thereof) in real time! But it's a great improvement overall.

  2. It's definitely an improvement. If you have a lack of sales, just think how good the graph will look when they increase!

  3. I'm always checking in occasionally for any "gems" you might share. I really have been inspired by your experiences and suggestions. Keep up the good work, and HOORAY for your well deserved successes!